MCCA is only for catastrophic claims, and the current threshold is $530k - meaning if an insurance company pays over that amount for first party injury benefits, they get reimbursed for every dollar spent over the threshold. It's a great system for lifetime claims (MI is the only state with lifetime benefits from an… » 3/18/15 1:15pm 3/18/15 1:15pm

There's also an internet-based system available to.. companies.. You can put a license plate # in one of the fields, along with the state and it will tell you what vehicle it is, who owns it, when it was last registered, etc.. you can then click on the person's name and get their addresses for the last 30+ years,… » 3/13/15 2:38pm 3/13/15 2:38pm

If the Lions switch to a base 3-4 scheme like has been speculated for a while, Haloti is a great pickup. If they can sign Fairley behind Ngata, they will still have a solid, athletic d-line. The Lions have a solid squad of linebackers as well, with Levy, Tulloch, Whitehead, and Van Noy. Caldwell and Austin are… » 3/10/15 6:32pm 3/10/15 6:32pm

This was my thinking as well. The death of Rhodes could certainly be the tipping point for Stark's character, moving him towards his stance in Civil War. » 3/09/15 6:25am 3/09/15 6:25am

Yeah - handling auto injury claims has made me never want to get on a motorcycle ever. "Penile tear" after the guy got t-boned by a Blazer settled it for me. » 3/07/15 6:20am 3/07/15 6:20am

November of 2012 was the last time DuPont was the primary sponsor on Gordon's car. Axalta's parent company bought DuPont in 2012, and the name hasn't appeared on his car since then. » 3/05/15 11:14am 3/05/15 11:14am

I think my favorite thing about that C&D test (between the F150, Silverado, Ram and Tundra) is that the aluminum F150 is only 81 lbs lighter than the steel Silverado. Did the F150 seriously weigh that much more than the Silverado before? » 3/03/15 2:54pm 3/03/15 2:54pm

ML63 AMG. A three row crossover w/ a 516 hp, 550 lb ft of torque twin-turbo V8 and a 7 speed dual clutch transmission. We didn't ask, but we aren't complaining either. » 3/02/15 11:41am 3/02/15 11:41am

This must be a new thing, but I've seen a few modern cars that flash the third brake light if they're traveling above 25 mph and step on the brakes. It's not slamming on the brakes that triggers it - it's always been in traffic when they're coming up to a stop light or getting into a turning lane. The brake light… » 3/02/15 11:39am 3/02/15 11:39am