If the show went to black while he was stopped in the court’s parking lot and fiddling with the ring, that would have been a fantastic finish. I wasn’t overly fond of the quick turnaround, but it was still a great episode.
» 4/07/15 2:01pm 4/07/15 2:01pm

Their biggest excuse was the fact that it was so cold in January and February, making it so that the cement foundation under the bleachers wasn’t curing fast enough, and because of that they were unable to perform the necessary work on the bleachers.
» 4/06/15 9:16am 4/06/15 9:16am

Unfortunately it's probably a collision loss as the plane wouldn't meet the definition under any comprehensive loss. However, uninsured coverage would appear to apply in this case, given the clear lack of automotive insurance on the plane. » 4/02/15 7:06pm 4/02/15 7:06pm