Buy a brand new "last year's model" right as the new ones are coming onto the lot. My father bought a '13 GMC Sierra that stickered for $42k in June of 2013, which was right as the '14s were rolling onto the lots. He walked out paying just under $31k for that truck and it only had 6 miles on it. » 9/30/14 11:59am Today 11:59am

I think the oft-rumored and quasi confirmed mid-engined C8 Corvette. Rumor has it that it'll be called (or code-named) "Zora". I think an R8 / 458 / Huracan / 911 Turbo fighting Corvette would be quite the accomplishment and allows the Corvette to move upmarket. I mean, look what they can do with the current… » 9/29/14 11:35am Yesterday 11:35am

As someone who briefly owned a C4.. ERRONEOUS! C2, C7 and C1 are all correct. It then goes C6, C5, C4, C3.

The C4 was a good, but not great Corvette. Loads better than the C3, which I cannot fit in. I barely fit in the C4 (I had to slump down in the seat to do it). It rattled, groaned and creaked while driving it, but… » 9/25/14 3:52pm Thursday 3:52pm

We came close back in 2005. Runelvys Hernandez hit Carlos Guillen in the head and started yelling at him. Benches and bullpens emptied, then Jeremy Affeldt said something to Kyle Farnsworth that pissed him off, so Farnsworth speared him. » 9/25/14 8:49am Thursday 8:49am

My dad bought a brand new 2013 GMC Sierra off the lot last year with 6 miles on it. He had been looking for a new truck for a while and was considering buying used, but then he started to look into the costs on a used truck vs. a new truck, and it didn't make sense (to him) to spend $25k on a used truck with 40k on… » 9/24/14 1:12pm 9/24/14 1:12pm

Great post! My wife and I have a 4 year old daughter and just recently found out that my wife is expecting our 2nd child. Once we found out that my wife was pregnant, we got rid of my '99 F150 extended cab and 2 days later bought a minivan. My wife hates the thing, but I love it. It's a 2005 Chrysler T&C with 94,000… » 9/23/14 4:17pm 9/23/14 4:17pm

We just got our 6ers on Sunday. My wife got an Otterbox Defender, which I had considered - but I'm not as brutal on my phone as she is.. (she went through 4 iPhone 5s in about a year and 8 months..). It's a decent case, has the rubberized outside. It adds considerable bulk to the phone though. I got a Speck brand case… » 9/23/14 11:08am 9/23/14 11:08am

U-Haul has no license restrictions on anything they rent.. which is insane to me. I used to work at a packaging and shipping store that did U-Haul rentals on the side. It was fucking terrifying seeing some of these people drive the equipment. I watched someone spend 20 minutes trying to back up a 14' truck, which is… » 9/18/14 4:53pm 9/18/14 4:53pm

The best part was the ability to equip them however you wanted! Do you want a cloth trimmed, manual transmission car with A/C, a moonroof and manual door locks and windows? You could get one! Good luck getting any other compact car equipped like that. » 9/18/14 2:37pm 9/18/14 2:37pm